As a Preventative:

Our team has expertly crafted a non-toxic way to proactively neutralize the natural scent that attracts bed bugs. Humans and animals give off a carbon dioxide signature that bed bugs prey on. They smell you, they wait, they bite and they travel. Our Bed Bug Barrier & Eliminator spray provides a protective barrier, and prevents them from being attracted and traveling with you. Although they are blood suckers, our natural scent travels onto our bags, purses, luggage or other items we carry which can attract them as well. With a combination of essential oils and all natural ingredients, this is safe to spray on skin other materials and fabrics which provides an all around barrier from these nasty creatures.

As an Eliminator:

Bed bugs require days of either 122° or -18° degrees to die. An infestation can be costly and time-consuming to eradicate. Our formula doesn’t require either of these. Bed bugs have a waxy protective coating on their bodies that repel common pesticides. Our product has a formula that breaks down that coating and seeps in causing an immediate heart attack in the bug resulting in an industry record 3 second knockdown rate.

Instructions For Use:

Everyday we go into areas that are possibly infested. Our product is sized for travel for convenience in small bags (daily travel) and also FAA cleared to carry on airplanes. Carry Eagle Watch Bed Bug Barrier & Eliminator in your suitcase, briefcase, purse or messenger bag. Whenever you are going into an unknown area, apply it to your bags, clothing and other belongings. It will create a protective barrier against bed bugs and it kills them on contact if they’re already there.


  • Thoroughly tested for safety
  • Ingredients are all natural
  • Dose dependent for bed bugs, so no amount is toxic to a human or pet
  • Tested for toxicity levels, shelf live and knockdown rate
  • Safe for skin, adults, children, pets, and fabric and other materials