Our Story

Anthony Watson is veteran of the United States Air Force and after years of serving as a registered nurse and medical technician, and required to go in and out of bases and areas infested with bed bugs daily, he knew he had to do something to protect himself.

“It is unfair to have a calling to provide a selfless duty such as a nurse, but then to be forced into areas infested with bed bugs, without a real way of protecting myself.”

A bit of mad scientist and problem solver in his own right, Anthony began his journey creating a product that not only killed bed bugs, but prevented them in the first place. He understands, first-hand as an in-home care nurse, how much of a danger is posed by these prolific bugs.

Anthony stayed up late at night doing research, studying bed bugs, what keeps them alive, what attracts them, why it’s so hard to kill them. Working with live specimen and essential oils, he worked to find a natural way to prevent and eliminate bed bugs. Anthony employed bed bug specialists and worked with experts from University of Kentucky to experiment with numerous formulas testing knock-down rates until he eventually formulated what is now, the industry record of 3 seconds.

As a nurse, Anthony was able to determine the proper dosages needed to have the best effect on killing the bug, but a dosage small enough that it’s safe for humans and animals. The result was Eagle Watch Bed Bug Barrier & Eliminator spray, a eco-friendly alternative defense against infestations using an all-natural essential oil formula.

“Any new product is related to a need. Most commercial bed bug products are used in a reactionary state of elimination. We needed a product that prevents that from happening in the first place.”